Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Split Rings

Never like the idea of cut & tie off, when i need to do the next round. Ooopss! me story bout tatting, ok.

So Dania & Ain taught me how to do Split ring. At 1st, i really had a problem, more like getting a split headache but after a few times of tutoring and explanation, on blog, on the phone, i manage to do the Split ring. Happy.....

So i practise to do the Snowflakes that need to do Split rings.

Tadaaaaaaaaaa....... 11th & 17th Day of December. Not that neat la. Ain's 17th December is so so much nicer then mine (jealoue tau. HeHeHe...) But the main thing is i manage to learn to do the Split Ring.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update - Tatting & XS.

Phew! was quite a relief when i completed the 4th round of the Moms pink doily. Its becoming 'prettier & prettier'.(what a decription)hehehe....

Will not be starting the 5th round yet, as i have to complete some other w.i.p. Cos once if i start the next round, i can't stop.

After completing the tatting piece, i have also finished tis little piece of my wip xs. Tis piece is called 'Spot of Coffee' by LHN.