Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Love's Promise

"Love's promise is that as each day together goes by, difficulties shared are eased and happiness shared is double" by Joan Elliot.

This is a beautiful exclusive sampler by Joan Elliot. It would certainly be a beautiful wedding annivesary gift for a friend or even for ourself. ehem!ehem! another WIP ........... lol!

Picture taken from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection May issue.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Very Sweet Oleander

Yesterday i went to the framers to collect my framed masterpiece. Actually, i have never frame any of my xs, unless it is for a gift. Also, mayb cos' i do not know where to hang them, as i can't bang much nails on the walls (rented house maa).hehehe

Its such a beautiful picture. very sweet ...... Its a picture by Serendipity Designs called Sweet Oleander. I only realised something when i brought it back. The picture looks a bit empty on the left side. On the chart there was some Chinese characters, which i didn't want to stitch. More to i don't know what the characters meant. I shud have stitched some wordings there,huh.

Anyway its framed, and i loved it. And now to find a place to hang it. hmmmmmmmm....

Friday, May 4, 2007

A beautiful gift for MDSE from Index

I was really really hummmmmmmm........., no words can describe my feelings when i saw the gift that i received tis afternoon. So i can't keep to myself, i have to share it with u alls. Share pictures only....hehehe .

The keikhlasan can be seen in the gift itself. She have really taken all the trouble & effort to stitched tis beautiful gifts for me. I tot that i will just be getting a stitched needlebook & a fob from Index but no, i also got a biscournu, a cube & a 'small' pillow. To top it all, they were all stitched with sunflowers designs. My favourites. Thank u, Thank u so much Index dear. Oh, and not forgetting, other wonderful gifts.

Index, till now, my doter is still 'uuuuuu' & 'aaaaaaa' at the gift. She have asked me to thank u too. Why? For giving her mum such beautiful gift. And motivate her to give her mum a more beautiful gift.

Index, thank u. muahs