Friday, December 19, 2008

A Place We Call Home

Wow!I am really becoming a big fan of CCN & LHN. But have to stop purchasing, not bcos of having too many, but to save enuf to purchase the Threadpack sets. hehehe...

I have completed tis chart, a week ago. Its called - A Place We Called Home. I only did some changes in the colour, cos the colour did not blend well with the fabric colour that i have used.

Now i started with another piece, also from CCN. Its called The Flower Shop. Will post the picture, once completed. Anyway,hope to complete it soon. My aim is to complete one CCN/LHN chart, per month (boleh ke). Must be the guilt in me, cos of late i have been purchasing CCN/LHN charts. Also, since they are rather small charts, so mayb can achieve. Wish me Luck.

Tis is another piece of WIP that i am doing during my weekends. Its has got speciality stitches. And I'm loving it. This one is called Secret Garden by Patrica Ann Designs.