Friday, December 28, 2007


This year, Raya Haji was celebrated at my 2nd sister's house in Enstek. Since me and my 2nd sis's birthday (just 2 days apart) is just round the corner, we both got our bday presents earlier. Neway, we won't know when we will gather again, since the school holidays will be over soon. (my my very fast the time flies)

I didn't know that my eldest sister was doing an xs thingy for me. Cos whenever. i'm at her place, she was doing stitching an xs piece for my 2nd sister. Will show u all the piece, too. My sister ni, her stitching is very very neat. And also a fast stitcher.

Here is mine. A TeaPot cover. Its really beautiful. I tot of just keeping it, sayang nak guna, but i got a lot of "WHAT!" from everyone. Hehehe. Okay will use it, when my sisters come to my place.

Tis is the front of the Tpot cover.

The back of the tpot cover. the back is stitch with beads n small glass flowers.

Tis piece is my 2nd sis nye. Made into a big cushion cover. Since her name starts with Ros..., my eldest sis did a picture of a rose. Real life memang cantik. I forgot to snap the back of the completed fabric, cos of my brother-in-law (her hubby) commented that the back stitches is lagi 'real'. Salute to her cos her stitches are very neat.

And tis is also a gift from my Spore sis besides other gifts that she got for me, too. M Loving it. I have always like Jane Greenoff's books. Got a lot of beautiful pictures in the book. Wow! new WIP????? hehehe.

So just to share some of the stitching gifts that i got. The rest of the gifts are equally beautiful. Thank u, Thank u, my lovely sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces n nephews. And most of all to my dear hubby and childrens. Thank U. Love u all.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Friday, November 30, 2007


After completing my SAL, I need to take a break from xstitching. So I am doing a little piece of crochet for a friend, which actually have been longed overdue. I am using DMC Tradition(White).

I told myself I better complete tis piece before I continue with my xs wip again. My eyes are very tired mayb due to the many backstitch of my xs (or age catching up hehe..). I really do need to get a magnifying glass before i continue with my xs wip which is stitched on linen (excuse). Tis is my 1st time stitching on linen for my a big project.

Well, since December is coming, so must sent out hints to my family members esp my hubby. Hahaha!!

Pinkeep from my Partner

The day before i posted my pinkeep to my partner. And yesterday, i received my pinkeep from the CO herself, Cik Musliha.

Kerja tangan yg sungguh kemas(finishing parlour la di katakan. hehehe). The alphabet and its colour is so very sweet. My doter siap kata, kucing mat salleh sbb mata warna hijau.

Hari tu cuma dapat tgok sedikit sedutan kan, so here it is. Miss Pinkeep from my partner.

To Musliha, thank u,thank u.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange

Today i am happy. Why? Cos i have completed my SAL and have posted out my Pinkeep to my partner.

So to all the members of the Pinkeep exchange, tunggu la bunyi hon postman anda.

To my partner, i hope u like it. Its just a simple picture with beautiful wordings that reflects our friendship. And it will always be treasured.

Here is a glimpse of the pinkeep. Will get my partner to show the full pic when she receives it.

The wordings "Whens hand reach out in Friendship, hearts are touched with Joy". I have used hearts emblishments to replace the word hearts.

Tis is the back part, can show in full la.

Sweet pink flowers.

So happy stitching and exchanging......

At Last .....My SAL is complete.

Phuyoh!!!! Happy giler. My SAL is complete. What a relief.

When i did the last stitch tis morning, i realise that, sleeping late tis few days and doing it early in the morning to complete tis piece(before i start housework ah) really pays off. It is really a beautiful piece.

So to all my stitching buddies, Thank u. Without u all nye sokongan, i might not have done tis piece.

So now i can continue with my other Wips i.e The Token & Gameboard sampler.

Pssst: a glimpse of my 2 Wips. When it will be complete, not sure. (am easily TER when i see nice charts)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SAL update?????

Hello to all my SAL buddies.

I have no update on my SAL for tis month. Will try to update at the end of the month.

Congrats to my buddies who have completed their piece.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With my own fingers......

I love to crochet. I think its easier and faster then doing crosstitch, but i still love them both. :)

Just like to show-off my tablecloth. hehehe..
Actually, I had always had a problem to get a nice tablecloth for my 'so called coffee table'. I called it my 'so called coffee table', cos it s actually a big pot with a piece of round wood (can't remember where i got the wood). But it fits nicely on the top of the pot.

So tis year raya, i am using the tablecloth that i completed crochet last year (bangga nye). Have to start a new piece now if i plan to use a new one for next raya.
(notice the brown pot)

It falls nicely, kan. But i think it is rather big. But nevermind, it save me from buying a new tablecloth. I suppose that's the reason i learn to crochet, so that i can have all tis done by myself.

Pssst...plan to crochet a tablecloth for my dining table, when not sure yet.(bertambah la WIP i)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Update of SAL

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tis is my SAL as at 31.8.2007.

Happy as i am stitching within the time frame period. Still on the right track. Hope to update again after the Raya season.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & Selamat berpuasa to all esp my stitching buddies.


Friday, August 3, 2007

My SAL Update

Just to update my SAL. Am very happy that i manage to complete the 1st shelf within the 3 months period. Ooops!the backstitch is not completed yet, still backstitching. Backstitch, hmmmmmmm really pain in the neck.(da tua kan, mata pun tak nampak sgt). But the outcome of it is beautiful.

To my buddies, happy stitching!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My BME have arrived.....

Had 2 surprises yesterday.
1st, at 5.45pm a postmen came by, as usual horn and horn. Surprise cos' didn't expect to see any postman after 4.30pm.

2nd, he brought me my mail, i.e my surprised BME. Have been wondering who my partner is and well, yesterday, i got the answer.

To Da,Thank u very much. I'm loving it.

The book mark is beautiful. Also i received extra goodies, her own hand dyed threads and a cute strawberry(nearly got kidnap but manage to get it back for photo session)

Beautiful, beautiful. Once again Thanks Da.

Psst: Da, your back is neat & beautifully done. also very oriental. Sorry guys, terlupa nak snap the back.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update of my Hardanger

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! I have completed my hardanger, cut,snip & sewn. And most of all, i decorate the Altoid tin(not sure whether my sweet tin is call altoid tin, but doesn't matter, it can be decorated).

Still got to practise more in the hardanger, as there are other stitches that i need to learn. Also, on finishing the item neatly. Will try to do another piece of hardanger, after completing my 1st phase of SAL (very very far behind).

The inside of the tin.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hardanger! Hardanger!

Tis is a picture of my uncomplete/uncut hardanger.

Have always wanted to learn to do hardanger. After receiving my 1st hardanger sachet(thanks to Ros) & encouragement from friends, i decided to give it a try. Not only it is my 1st time doing hardanger, but also my 1st try stitching on linen. (agreed, nice stitching on linen) But now after completing the piece, i have to start cutting. uwaaaaaaaaaaa! Doing my practice, have actually cut of the Perle thread several times. So have to be very careful, as not to spoil the whole piece of work.

Will update again, once i have cut the threads and complete it to an ornament.

If no update, means i have cut the wrong threads. ha!ha!ha

Friday, July 6, 2007

Gifts from Beautiful Friends

As the saying goes, "A picture paints a thousand words".

I am totally lost of words. Am still speechless. Just one word to my friends, THANK YOU for the lovely gifts.

Sorry if the pictures are not clear. Have taken from different angles, so as not o miss out any gifts.

Once again to my cyber friends, THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU!.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My 1st Pinkeep

Just to get back my stitching mood, i have decided to do a small tool/ornament before i start on my SAL again. (My SAL is really way way way behind everyone else. Ibu, sorry no update on my SAL, will update at the end of the month).

Tis is my 1st try on doing a pinkeep. But am happy with the outcome eventhough got a bit 'cacat' here and there but manage to cover la. According to the tutorial, its fabric, mounting board & batting, but i did the other way, fabric, batting & mounting board. Neway, it still turn out to be a pinkeep.

I didn't put a ribbon on the top of the pinkeep, as i had trouble with adjusting the ribbon. Just wonder how its done. So i end up using pins. Also i have used a different kind of pin, or is tis the normal ones used. here is a picture of the pins. The head of the pin is bigger then the normal pins.

So here it is my Miss Pinkeep.

So now back to my menyeSAL.................

Monday, July 2, 2007

Cube Exchange

Thought of keeping to myself the cube but kesian to my friends who are waiting anxiously to see it.

Its a beautiful cube, all the sides of the cube have got different Tpots. (Sorry cudn't give a clear picture of all the sides). I have been wanting to stitch tis patterns when i 1st saw it in the mag, but put off the idea cos of too many WIPs. So thanks Ain, for giving me a beautiful cube.

And also not forgetting the beautiful gifts that come along with the cube. Ain gave me a crochet mag (cantik),a cording, a sweet lace and a pretty tote bag. And the tote bag is hmmmmm..... cantik. I think i know how Dania's bebe felt when she received her's from Ain, too.

Ain, thank u once again.

Monday, June 25, 2007 crochet

My two doiles completed, washed & ironed. Both are equally beautiful, ehem! angkat bakul sendiri. hehehe....

Well, hope to do a tablecloth soon. Pattern da ada. But i'll use white thread again, as i have always love to crochet using white threads. Mayb, i'll start again when i need to relaxs myself from my xs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my other hobby....crochet

Hmmmmmmm! Do not know why i just do not have the mood to do any xs stitching. Hope that tis 'no mood virus' will go away soon as i have to continue my SAL. And other wipssssss and exchanges. Syukur, i manage to finish the cube excen before being struck by the virus. hehehe.

Since i can't do any stitching, i decide to crochet. I love to crochet. Just started a piece of doily tis morning. Hope to complete by tomorrow. I have never tried any other colour threads and other brands. Me, always using white or cream brand minlon. Since someone told me that using DMC thread is also nice (but expensive), i decide to try it out.

there is a different in the thread. Minlon is abit furry compare to DMC, if u know what i mean. if tak tahu, nebermind. hahaha. Neway both threads are nice to crochet.
Here is the uncompleted piece. The blue piece is DMC & the coloured thread is from Minlon.

Will update again, when completed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cube Exchange

Here is a little glimpse of the cube that i have made for our group's Cube exchange. Will show the clear pic when my partner have received it.Or get my partner to show it. hehehe.........

I tot doing the cube wud be easier then a pendibule, but i was wrong. Doing a pendibule is so so much easier. I tried doing sumthing different, as the theme was called 'Surprise Me', but i was really surprise when i completed it. It did not turn out well as I have expected but since it done, i hope my partner will like it.

So to my partner, tunggu your abang postman eh. Have posted it out.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Update of SAL - Joan Elliot sampler

As at 31/5/2007, me manage to complete just a Teapot for the month of May. And, boy oh boy, more to go. Hope can complete by the time stipulated. Wonder whether there will be any Penalty charges if my SAL wud not be completed in time. hmmmmmmmmm.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Love's Promise

"Love's promise is that as each day together goes by, difficulties shared are eased and happiness shared is double" by Joan Elliot.

This is a beautiful exclusive sampler by Joan Elliot. It would certainly be a beautiful wedding annivesary gift for a friend or even for ourself. ehem!ehem! another WIP ........... lol!

Picture taken from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection May issue.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Very Sweet Oleander

Yesterday i went to the framers to collect my framed masterpiece. Actually, i have never frame any of my xs, unless it is for a gift. Also, mayb cos' i do not know where to hang them, as i can't bang much nails on the walls (rented house maa).hehehe

Its such a beautiful picture. very sweet ...... Its a picture by Serendipity Designs called Sweet Oleander. I only realised something when i brought it back. The picture looks a bit empty on the left side. On the chart there was some Chinese characters, which i didn't want to stitch. More to i don't know what the characters meant. I shud have stitched some wordings there,huh.

Anyway its framed, and i loved it. And now to find a place to hang it. hmmmmmmmm....

Friday, May 4, 2007

A beautiful gift for MDSE from Index

I was really really hummmmmmmm........., no words can describe my feelings when i saw the gift that i received tis afternoon. So i can't keep to myself, i have to share it with u alls. Share pictures only....hehehe .

The keikhlasan can be seen in the gift itself. She have really taken all the trouble & effort to stitched tis beautiful gifts for me. I tot that i will just be getting a stitched needlebook & a fob from Index but no, i also got a biscournu, a cube & a 'small' pillow. To top it all, they were all stitched with sunflowers designs. My favourites. Thank u, Thank u so much Index dear. Oh, and not forgetting, other wonderful gifts.

Index, till now, my doter is still 'uuuuuu' & 'aaaaaaa' at the gift. She have asked me to thank u too. Why? For giving her mum such beautiful gift. And motivate her to give her mum a more beautiful gift.

Index, thank u. muahs

Monday, April 30, 2007

CrossStitcher Issue 187 June

Hello my dear friends.

Got the latest issue of the CrossStitcher. Just like to share with u alls the beautiful charts in the mag.

Happy looking...................

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bathroom Trio by Maria Diaz's

Finally, i manage to start stitching the Bathroom Trio for my sister. It took me 5 days to complete just 1 picture (backstitch not completed. hehehe), when the mag says it takes only 20 hours to complete the whole set. Boy! and i have another 2 more to go. Hope to have it all completed before end of May.

This chart is from the CrossStitcher magazine. The designer used soft classic shades as to create the effect of a glamourous Victorian bathroom. It might look a bit dull but it is really beautiful.

Well, will update more when i have completed all three......................

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My lil girl's fob

After many attempt in persuading me to part with one of Fobs (i have 5), and failed in doing so, my lil girl decide to do her own fob. Not that Mama is cruel tau (correct word ke). But Mama wants her lil girl to learn to do one for herself, cos i knows she can do it.

So, here is the fob done by my 10 years old girl. Isn't it sweet.(Puji la anak sendiri). Me just helped to join at the beginning and ending. Now she is giving out a big sigh! why? cos her ayah and aunty is asking her to do one for them. And her answer to them was, 'OK, one day....' hehehe.

Surprisingly, my lil girl is also having an xs exchange with her 20year old cousin. It is a piece called Girlfriends Forever. I tot only me have exchanges. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. As the saying goes 'Like mother like daughter'.

Gift from Adik Manis

Last Friday, i received a special gift for Adik Manis, Penang. It was indeed a beautiful piece of work. So after keeping to myself for the past few days, i decide to share with everyone.

To Adik Manis. It was really kind and thoughtful of u. Thank u very much. Muah!!