Friday, November 30, 2007


After completing my SAL, I need to take a break from xstitching. So I am doing a little piece of crochet for a friend, which actually have been longed overdue. I am using DMC Tradition(White).

I told myself I better complete tis piece before I continue with my xs wip again. My eyes are very tired mayb due to the many backstitch of my xs (or age catching up hehe..). I really do need to get a magnifying glass before i continue with my xs wip which is stitched on linen (excuse). Tis is my 1st time stitching on linen for my a big project.

Well, since December is coming, so must sent out hints to my family members esp my hubby. Hahaha!!

Pinkeep from my Partner

The day before i posted my pinkeep to my partner. And yesterday, i received my pinkeep from the CO herself, Cik Musliha.

Kerja tangan yg sungguh kemas(finishing parlour la di katakan. hehehe). The alphabet and its colour is so very sweet. My doter siap kata, kucing mat salleh sbb mata warna hijau.

Hari tu cuma dapat tgok sedikit sedutan kan, so here it is. Miss Pinkeep from my partner.

To Musliha, thank u,thank u.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange

Today i am happy. Why? Cos i have completed my SAL and have posted out my Pinkeep to my partner.

So to all the members of the Pinkeep exchange, tunggu la bunyi hon postman anda.

To my partner, i hope u like it. Its just a simple picture with beautiful wordings that reflects our friendship. And it will always be treasured.

Here is a glimpse of the pinkeep. Will get my partner to show the full pic when she receives it.

The wordings "Whens hand reach out in Friendship, hearts are touched with Joy". I have used hearts emblishments to replace the word hearts.

Tis is the back part, can show in full la.

Sweet pink flowers.

So happy stitching and exchanging......

At Last .....My SAL is complete.

Phuyoh!!!! Happy giler. My SAL is complete. What a relief.

When i did the last stitch tis morning, i realise that, sleeping late tis few days and doing it early in the morning to complete tis piece(before i start housework ah) really pays off. It is really a beautiful piece.

So to all my stitching buddies, Thank u. Without u all nye sokongan, i might not have done tis piece.

So now i can continue with my other Wips i.e The Token & Gameboard sampler.

Pssst: a glimpse of my 2 Wips. When it will be complete, not sure. (am easily TER when i see nice charts)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SAL update?????

Hello to all my SAL buddies.

I have no update on my SAL for tis month. Will try to update at the end of the month.

Congrats to my buddies who have completed their piece.