Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happpppy!!!!! & Sad???

What a title. hehehe....

Last week i have completed 3 pieces of tatting (2 happy & 1 sad). Really enjoy tatting lately(duh! what happen to my xs wip and my crochet blanket. Will continue again, soon).

1. Carrousel - tis pattern is from Jon's book, Tatted Snowflakes Collection. I used the thread Floretta 10 with 2 shuttles. I tat tis piece bcos i wanted to practise on my Split rings again. And Yesssss, I have managed to do the split rings without any problem. I like the colour, its really bright.

2. Clover & daisies - can't remember where i got tis pattern from. It was shown to me by Ain, when i 1st started to tat, and i told myself that i will do tis piece when i go to the next level (in other words, a bit clever la). For tis piece, i used DMC Cebelia 30, White & yellow. Nice piece.....i am really happy with myself for finishing it.

3. Hearts Entwined - tis pattern is from Jon's blog. I feel there is a mistake somewhere but i just cudn't find it. Why i felt there is a mistake bcos it looks a bit out of shape. Mayb i will re-do another piece.
To Jon, if u are reading my blog, can u see the mistake from the picture. If yes, please let me know.

I have a lot more to learn on tatting. Learning thru the cyber world is not really easy (no reality teacher to teach me). I am having problems in some techniques, and eventhough going thru' the tutorials over and over again, i still can't do it. But am not giving up easily, still trying.

Psssst! the HDT threads are really beautiful. How i wish to own some. And also the different type of shuttles. Will put in my wishlist. Who knows

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tatting - Quantiesque.

Nice piece and nice work (hehehe...). Got tis free pattern from Jon Yusoff's blog. Her tatting pieces are really beautiful. I have used the thread Floretta No.10.

It took me 3 days to complete tis piece. I tought i lost my knowledge on tatting. My fingers were all over again. And there were snip snip snip. But after awhile it was going on the right track again. Tis is also the first time for me, using 2 shuttles.

So,anyone interested to do tis piece, u can get the pattern from

Happy Tatting.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2008 & Hello to 2009.

Wishing all my friends a Happy New Year. May the year 2009 be a better year then the year 2008.

Start stitching and stashing again. hehehe......