Monday, June 25, 2007 crochet

My two doiles completed, washed & ironed. Both are equally beautiful, ehem! angkat bakul sendiri. hehehe....

Well, hope to do a tablecloth soon. Pattern da ada. But i'll use white thread again, as i have always love to crochet using white threads. Mayb, i'll start again when i need to relaxs myself from my xs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my other hobby....crochet

Hmmmmmmm! Do not know why i just do not have the mood to do any xs stitching. Hope that tis 'no mood virus' will go away soon as i have to continue my SAL. And other wipssssss and exchanges. Syukur, i manage to finish the cube excen before being struck by the virus. hehehe.

Since i can't do any stitching, i decide to crochet. I love to crochet. Just started a piece of doily tis morning. Hope to complete by tomorrow. I have never tried any other colour threads and other brands. Me, always using white or cream brand minlon. Since someone told me that using DMC thread is also nice (but expensive), i decide to try it out.

there is a different in the thread. Minlon is abit furry compare to DMC, if u know what i mean. if tak tahu, nebermind. hahaha. Neway both threads are nice to crochet.
Here is the uncompleted piece. The blue piece is DMC & the coloured thread is from Minlon.

Will update again, when completed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cube Exchange

Here is a little glimpse of the cube that i have made for our group's Cube exchange. Will show the clear pic when my partner have received it.Or get my partner to show it. hehehe.........

I tot doing the cube wud be easier then a pendibule, but i was wrong. Doing a pendibule is so so much easier. I tried doing sumthing different, as the theme was called 'Surprise Me', but i was really surprise when i completed it. It did not turn out well as I have expected but since it done, i hope my partner will like it.

So to my partner, tunggu your abang postman eh. Have posted it out.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Update of SAL - Joan Elliot sampler

As at 31/5/2007, me manage to complete just a Teapot for the month of May. And, boy oh boy, more to go. Hope can complete by the time stipulated. Wonder whether there will be any Penalty charges if my SAL wud not be completed in time. hmmmmmmmmm.....