Friday, October 17, 2008

xs update - Porcelain Plates

A beautiful piece of blackwork. We can stitched it as a whole set of 10 pieces of plates or just choose any that we like and stitch as single or double plates. I got tis pattern from the magazine New Stitches.

I wanted to complete the whole set, but due to bad time management i only managed to complete 4 pieces of the plate. It is a gift for my eldest sister's birthday. I was really hoping to finish all but, well.......excuses, excuses. hehehe.... I had it framed just 3 days before Hari Raya, so that i wud bring it up during Raya. Maybe will complete the balance for next year birthday or better still just pass the mag to her to complete it herself kan.. hehehe.... boleh kan my sister.

So tis piece is done by me.

Sorry for the unclear pictures.