Friday, May 22, 2009

Gift! Tatting Threads

A few weeks back, I received tis in my mail. Its from Diane of

Diane is such a generous person. Beside receiving some samples of threads, she also gave me 5 balls of threads. I have not used any of the thread yet, as i just like to admire it for the time being.

Once again,Diane, Thank U very much for tis beautiful threads.

Mother"s Day Heart

When i saw tis pattern at Jon's blog, i told myself, can i or can't i tat tis piece. Why???? Becoz' I have always make a point to read & study the instructions first before i decide to tat anything. So after reading, the 3 setbacks that i have is the Shoe Lace trick, making a daisy picot ring and tatting with beads. Never done before. So i decide not to use beads but just do picots. (Phew! luckily i omit the beads, my fingers & threads were all over when doing the daisy picots. Hehehe....)

So, as usual, notes spread out, i give it a try. So here is the end result. I manage to do the daisy picot ring, after a few times of snip, snip, snip. Its still not that pretty but OK la, for 1st timer. The long picots seem to be twisted eventhough i have iron it. But the Shoe Lace trick, I'm not so sure. Tried to read the SLT instruction over & over again, but i seem not able to understand. So I hope that what i did is correct.

Psst: The heart looks better with beads. Must try it someday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Tatting pieces

Learning & mastering another tatting technique called Wrapping a plastic ring with double-stitches. At the initial stage, i had some problems but manage to overcome it. Thanks, Sheila Dutton for sending the cabone rings to me. And for the tutorial, u can go to Thanks to Jon, for making the tutorial so easy to understand.

So now both the tatted pieces are in my doter's possession and have to tat another 6 more pieces as she want to make it into a key chain or bookmark, to be given to her teachers for Teacher's Day.

Below is a motif piece. Its a freebie. I have tatted another 3 pieces to make it into a doily. Its a simple pattern and quite fast to complete 1 motif. (but it still takes me a whole day to complete one. hehehe....too many other distractions).

I hope to tat tis motif again but using only white thread and making it into a bigger piece for my coffee table.

Tis is a flower piece called Stargazer Lily. Have tatted 5 pieces, 1 more piece to tat and and join all to get my flower. Its a beautiful piece and I got the pattern from Such a creative person.

Happy tatting, crocheting, crosstitching and any other hobbies to all my friends.