Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last month i participated in an exchange in I-Tatters. Tis is my 1st time joining the tatting exchange, all tis while its xstitch exchange. (missed the exchange so much......)

Since i do not have any butterfly pattern that is 4inch/12cm big (the criteria of the exchange), i decided to do small butterflies and from tis small butterflies i need to make something big.

Combining my 3 favourite hobbies together (beading, xstitch & tatting) and with my expertise in sewing xstitch ornaments, viola... i did a fob/hanging ornament. The front of the fob is like a 'garden' and the back was 'butterflies are free'.

I used different sizes of threads and colours. It was really a wonderful experience playing all the different colours. I have also used the size 70 thread that Diane gave me. Phew! i need new glasses to tat with tis thread. Using size 70, makes your work looks more delicate n fine. Its beautiful.

Tis is the front side of the fob.

Tis is the back of the fob.

And tis......TAAaaaaaaaaaDAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa is from my partner, Jenni from Australia. Her work is so beautiful. (I can't seem to find the ends)

Ooops! so sorry for the unclear pictures.

Now i have to go back to crocheting my grannies.