Saturday, July 28, 2007

My BME have arrived.....

Had 2 surprises yesterday.
1st, at 5.45pm a postmen came by, as usual horn and horn. Surprise cos' didn't expect to see any postman after 4.30pm.

2nd, he brought me my mail, i.e my surprised BME. Have been wondering who my partner is and well, yesterday, i got the answer.

To Da,Thank u very much. I'm loving it.

The book mark is beautiful. Also i received extra goodies, her own hand dyed threads and a cute strawberry(nearly got kidnap but manage to get it back for photo session)

Beautiful, beautiful. Once again Thanks Da.

Psst: Da, your back is neat & beautifully done. also very oriental. Sorry guys, terlupa nak snap the back.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update of my Hardanger

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! I have completed my hardanger, cut,snip & sewn. And most of all, i decorate the Altoid tin(not sure whether my sweet tin is call altoid tin, but doesn't matter, it can be decorated).

Still got to practise more in the hardanger, as there are other stitches that i need to learn. Also, on finishing the item neatly. Will try to do another piece of hardanger, after completing my 1st phase of SAL (very very far behind).

The inside of the tin.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hardanger! Hardanger!

Tis is a picture of my uncomplete/uncut hardanger.

Have always wanted to learn to do hardanger. After receiving my 1st hardanger sachet(thanks to Ros) & encouragement from friends, i decided to give it a try. Not only it is my 1st time doing hardanger, but also my 1st try stitching on linen. (agreed, nice stitching on linen) But now after completing the piece, i have to start cutting. uwaaaaaaaaaaa! Doing my practice, have actually cut of the Perle thread several times. So have to be very careful, as not to spoil the whole piece of work.

Will update again, once i have cut the threads and complete it to an ornament.

If no update, means i have cut the wrong threads. ha!ha!ha

Friday, July 6, 2007

Gifts from Beautiful Friends

As the saying goes, "A picture paints a thousand words".

I am totally lost of words. Am still speechless. Just one word to my friends, THANK YOU for the lovely gifts.

Sorry if the pictures are not clear. Have taken from different angles, so as not o miss out any gifts.

Once again to my cyber friends, THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU!.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My 1st Pinkeep

Just to get back my stitching mood, i have decided to do a small tool/ornament before i start on my SAL again. (My SAL is really way way way behind everyone else. Ibu, sorry no update on my SAL, will update at the end of the month).

Tis is my 1st try on doing a pinkeep. But am happy with the outcome eventhough got a bit 'cacat' here and there but manage to cover la. According to the tutorial, its fabric, mounting board & batting, but i did the other way, fabric, batting & mounting board. Neway, it still turn out to be a pinkeep.

I didn't put a ribbon on the top of the pinkeep, as i had trouble with adjusting the ribbon. Just wonder how its done. So i end up using pins. Also i have used a different kind of pin, or is tis the normal ones used. here is a picture of the pins. The head of the pin is bigger then the normal pins.

So here it is my Miss Pinkeep.

So now back to my menyeSAL.................

Monday, July 2, 2007

Cube Exchange

Thought of keeping to myself the cube but kesian to my friends who are waiting anxiously to see it.

Its a beautiful cube, all the sides of the cube have got different Tpots. (Sorry cudn't give a clear picture of all the sides). I have been wanting to stitch tis patterns when i 1st saw it in the mag, but put off the idea cos of too many WIPs. So thanks Ain, for giving me a beautiful cube.

And also not forgetting the beautiful gifts that come along with the cube. Ain gave me a crochet mag (cantik),a cording, a sweet lace and a pretty tote bag. And the tote bag is hmmmmm..... cantik. I think i know how Dania's bebe felt when she received her's from Ain, too.

Ain, thank u once again.