Monday, April 30, 2007

CrossStitcher Issue 187 June

Hello my dear friends.

Got the latest issue of the CrossStitcher. Just like to share with u alls the beautiful charts in the mag.

Happy looking...................

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bathroom Trio by Maria Diaz's

Finally, i manage to start stitching the Bathroom Trio for my sister. It took me 5 days to complete just 1 picture (backstitch not completed. hehehe), when the mag says it takes only 20 hours to complete the whole set. Boy! and i have another 2 more to go. Hope to have it all completed before end of May.

This chart is from the CrossStitcher magazine. The designer used soft classic shades as to create the effect of a glamourous Victorian bathroom. It might look a bit dull but it is really beautiful.

Well, will update more when i have completed all three......................

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My lil girl's fob

After many attempt in persuading me to part with one of Fobs (i have 5), and failed in doing so, my lil girl decide to do her own fob. Not that Mama is cruel tau (correct word ke). But Mama wants her lil girl to learn to do one for herself, cos i knows she can do it.

So, here is the fob done by my 10 years old girl. Isn't it sweet.(Puji la anak sendiri). Me just helped to join at the beginning and ending. Now she is giving out a big sigh! why? cos her ayah and aunty is asking her to do one for them. And her answer to them was, 'OK, one day....' hehehe.

Surprisingly, my lil girl is also having an xs exchange with her 20year old cousin. It is a piece called Girlfriends Forever. I tot only me have exchanges. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. As the saying goes 'Like mother like daughter'.

Gift from Adik Manis

Last Friday, i received a special gift for Adik Manis, Penang. It was indeed a beautiful piece of work. So after keeping to myself for the past few days, i decide to share with everyone.

To Adik Manis. It was really kind and thoughtful of u. Thank u very much. Muah!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Off day.................

Today is Saturday and also my off day for cooking. Always looking forward to Saturdays. hmmmmm.... Since my hubby & son wanted to go to the PC fair at City Square, me took the opportunity to tag along. Not that i have anything to buy at the fair, but go the the 'Apek shop' next door. Actually, i do not have anything to buy too, at 'Apek', just to cuci mata.

But, alas! i end up buying some ribbon and lace which i find will be nice to do bookmarks and pinkeeps. And perhaps might also make a beautiful gift for MDSE. Don't u all think so. Anyway, wudn't make up my mind as to what colours & design to take, as there were about 8 other colours. So bought the same design but different colours. Mayb will get the the other colours. Next time????????? hehehe.

Also found some nice colourful buttons. According to Apek, its rejected stock. Since i wudn't see much defects on the buttons and as it was only rm2/- per packet (ahem! still within budget), i ended up buying the last 2 colourful packets.

Anyway, very happy, as i only spend less than rm20/- today for my purchases

Thursday, April 12, 2007


this are some sample of beads i bought from Apek shop. 20pcs for rm1/-. hope it is clear.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A free chart from MP

My latest WIP that is bout to be completed. A bit more stitches & after that will be the backstitch. And Walaaaaaa! complete. Hope to have it completed by tomorrow. For those who have stitched/or seen tis chart, I have acutally put in a butterfly instead of sewing the flower on both the right n left side.

Pssssst! 'TER' after seeing Dania stitching her's.

A Very Gud Friday........

6th April was Gud Friday. And indeed it was a gud friday for me, not that i celebrate Gud friday, but bcos i received my xs mags n a little bit of tis & that(for my needlework) from my sister. Thanks Sis, for sponsoring my xs mags monthly.

The last pic is felt and buttons/charms.

Will be waiting patiently for the next issue of CrossStitcher mag. There will be nice charts in the next issue. So friends, dont miss it ..........

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Blog.................

At last my own Blog. Am i dreaming? Have told myself many a times, maybe a hundred times, no blogs for me. It wud mean spending more time in front of the PC if i have a blog. I even told a friend, no no no blog for me. I am trying to cut down my PC time, so to spend more time with my HoBBies esp my xs WIPs. But now .....ehem!ehem! I have a Blog. hehehe. Mayb seeing my cyber friends blog and other peoples blog, have made me changed my mind. hummmm!!

Anyway, to all my cyber friends, thank u for being a friend.