Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dates to remember

Today, 13.12.2012.

Today is my Pa's 89th birthday. Usually on his and Ma's birthday, we will call to wish them happy birthday. But tis year, we can't.

My Pa passed away on 21.11.2012 and our beloved Ma passed away on 10.9.2012. I believe my Pa must have missed my Ma so much when she pass away. And now we miss them both dearly. They were both great parents, great FIL n MIL and beautiful grandparents. Love u Ma n Pa. Both of u were always around for me during my ups n downs. And even after I am married with kids, I'm still your little girl. No words can describe my feelings.

Al-Fatihah, semoga roh ibubapa ku di cucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama sama orang orang yang beriman. Amin.. Walaupun redha ngan permergian mereka tapi.........