Saturday, April 14, 2007

Off day.................

Today is Saturday and also my off day for cooking. Always looking forward to Saturdays. hmmmmm.... Since my hubby & son wanted to go to the PC fair at City Square, me took the opportunity to tag along. Not that i have anything to buy at the fair, but go the the 'Apek shop' next door. Actually, i do not have anything to buy too, at 'Apek', just to cuci mata.

But, alas! i end up buying some ribbon and lace which i find will be nice to do bookmarks and pinkeeps. And perhaps might also make a beautiful gift for MDSE. Don't u all think so. Anyway, wudn't make up my mind as to what colours & design to take, as there were about 8 other colours. So bought the same design but different colours. Mayb will get the the other colours. Next time????????? hehehe.

Also found some nice colourful buttons. According to Apek, its rejected stock. Since i wudn't see much defects on the buttons and as it was only rm2/- per packet (ahem! still within budget), i ended up buying the last 2 colourful packets.

Anyway, very happy, as i only spend less than rm20/- today for my purchases

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Pinchesska said...

wah..very "humble" spending eh? Soalan org keras tangan ni..renda yg plg atas tu..camner nak guna eh..hari tu beli satu ..sampai hari ni renung utk get the hang of it.. smpai hari ni tak dapat outcome lagi..
Tak de aura langsung..