Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With my own fingers......

I love to crochet. I think its easier and faster then doing crosstitch, but i still love them both. :)

Just like to show-off my tablecloth. hehehe..
Actually, I had always had a problem to get a nice tablecloth for my 'so called coffee table'. I called it my 'so called coffee table', cos it s actually a big pot with a piece of round wood (can't remember where i got the wood). But it fits nicely on the top of the pot.

So tis year raya, i am using the tablecloth that i completed crochet last year (bangga nye). Have to start a new piece now if i plan to use a new one for next raya.
(notice the brown pot)

It falls nicely, kan. But i think it is rather big. But nevermind, it save me from buying a new tablecloth. I suppose that's the reason i learn to crochet, so that i can have all tis done by myself.

Pssst...plan to crochet a tablecloth for my dining table, when not sure yet.(bertambah la WIP i)


Emily said...

Wow, a lot of work went into the edge!

Reen said...

Yes, emily. its always a relief when i get to finish 1 round.