Friday, November 30, 2007


After completing my SAL, I need to take a break from xstitching. So I am doing a little piece of crochet for a friend, which actually have been longed overdue. I am using DMC Tradition(White).

I told myself I better complete tis piece before I continue with my xs wip again. My eyes are very tired mayb due to the many backstitch of my xs (or age catching up hehe..). I really do need to get a magnifying glass before i continue with my xs wip which is stitched on linen (excuse). Tis is my 1st time stitching on linen for my a big project.

Well, since December is coming, so must sent out hints to my family members esp my hubby. Hahaha!!


mona said...

Hi Noreen,
just answering your comments on my blog - the shop I went to in Malacca is Anyang in Jalan Bungaraya. As for crocheting a baby blanker - I like going for cotton or acrylic - DMC Traditions would also be ok but might be a little thin. DK (8 ply) weight yarn is best not so thins so you don't need so much of it.

Reen said...

Thanks Mona for your reply.
Anyang is also the shop that i goes to whenever i need to buy any sewing items when in mca.

Can i just know, DK is it a brand. and the yarn that u used for babette is what yarn. I only know minlon and dmc yarns. U say use 100% cotton, so i can use catania is it. is tis yarn sold at anyang.thanks.

mona said...

DK is a weight of yarn - crochet is thinner (No 10 no 20) - for knitting you have 4 ply, 8 pay or Dk and 12 ply or worsted weight. Best to crochet is Catania (DK) or the butterfly super cotton which is between DK and worsted also very nice. the good thing about bigger yarn is that you don't have to do so much to get a bigger size.

Hope that helps.

Reen said...

ok thanks Mona. It helps. will go look for the yarn.

thanks again.