Thursday, March 20, 2008

WIP in Tatting - Moms Pink Doily

Ooops! Wip in Tatting.(like i don't have enough of xs wips. hehehe....)

I really like tis pattern so much. I have told myself that i will do it ONE day when i am a bit pandai in tatting. But it seems that i can't wait for that ONE day. I have to launch it.

This pattern u can get it from here.

So here it is, My Moms Pink Doily (Round 1 & 2 completed)

I have just started with Round 3. At tis round, i will be abit slow cos of the space in between the rings. Still having problem to make sure the space is even throughout (many times frogging da).

Will update again when i have completed Round 3.

Psst: sorry for the unclear picture.

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