Friday, October 23, 2009

A time to Relax........

Hello everyone!

I have been pretty busy for the past few months, no time to do any craft work. Wait!wait! just wonder, busy but still have time to play games on the Facebook. Hehehe.....Release Stress.

But today i have a little update on my tatting. Recently, i have received a skein of HDT from Zarina. It was so kind and generous of her. Anyway, it gave me a good excuse to de-tour awhile from my busy-ness and try out tis thread.

It is called Orchid Garden and size 50. Nice and beautiful colour. Phew! will purchase size 20 the next time. Anyone interest to purchase the HDT, can viewed at Zarina's blog. She have got nice colours of HDT.

The top pattern is called Melur and its from Jon's latest tatting book. The 2nd piece is called FeatherLine, and u can get the pattern from Jon's blog.

Thanks to all for dropping by. Til next time, take care and happy crafting to all.


❦TattingChic said...

The orchid garden looks very nice in the patterns you've done them up in! Zarina is a sweetie, aye?

Reen said...

Hello TattingCic. Yup, the colour is sweet and also is Zarina.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Reen! Thanks for stopping by to say hello and wish me a Merry Christmas...nope...I don't think it was too late for that at all! Happy New Year to you, too!
~TattingChic ♥

Steve said...

It's called the orchid garden and all 50 nice color and beautiful. Huh! buy a size 20 next time. Anyone interested in buying HDT can be found on the blog of Zarina. It has beautiful colors of HDT.

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Claudia said...

The top model is called Melur and last book by Jon frivolity. The second piece entitled FeatherLine, and u can get the model's blog Jon.

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Brown said...

Nice color and beautiful. Anyone interested in buying HDT can be found on the blog of Zarina. It has beautiful colors of HDT.Doing the Marketing with his blog too.

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James said...

It was so nice and generous of him. Anyway, he gave me a good excuse to visit when he work too heavy and try this thread.

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denialjohnn said...

These designs are superb. It is hand made. I like it too much.

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qifei2012 said...

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