Friday, December 28, 2007


This year, Raya Haji was celebrated at my 2nd sister's house in Enstek. Since me and my 2nd sis's birthday (just 2 days apart) is just round the corner, we both got our bday presents earlier. Neway, we won't know when we will gather again, since the school holidays will be over soon. (my my very fast the time flies)

I didn't know that my eldest sister was doing an xs thingy for me. Cos whenever. i'm at her place, she was doing stitching an xs piece for my 2nd sister. Will show u all the piece, too. My sister ni, her stitching is very very neat. And also a fast stitcher.

Here is mine. A TeaPot cover. Its really beautiful. I tot of just keeping it, sayang nak guna, but i got a lot of "WHAT!" from everyone. Hehehe. Okay will use it, when my sisters come to my place.

Tis is the front of the Tpot cover.

The back of the tpot cover. the back is stitch with beads n small glass flowers.

Tis piece is my 2nd sis nye. Made into a big cushion cover. Since her name starts with Ros..., my eldest sis did a picture of a rose. Real life memang cantik. I forgot to snap the back of the completed fabric, cos of my brother-in-law (her hubby) commented that the back stitches is lagi 'real'. Salute to her cos her stitches are very neat.

And tis is also a gift from my Spore sis besides other gifts that she got for me, too. M Loving it. I have always like Jane Greenoff's books. Got a lot of beautiful pictures in the book. Wow! new WIP????? hehehe.

So just to share some of the stitching gifts that i got. The rest of the gifts are equally beautiful. Thank u, Thank u, my lovely sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces n nephews. And most of all to my dear hubby and childrens. Thank U. Love u all.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Reen! May your fondest wishes come true and your special day be filled with fun and laughter!

Reen said...

Thanks emily.
Yes, some of my wishes have come true. Have Thank God (bersyukur) for it.
Wishing u Happy New Year too.