Monday, July 2, 2007

Cube Exchange

Thought of keeping to myself the cube but kesian to my friends who are waiting anxiously to see it.

Its a beautiful cube, all the sides of the cube have got different Tpots. (Sorry cudn't give a clear picture of all the sides). I have been wanting to stitch tis patterns when i 1st saw it in the mag, but put off the idea cos of too many WIPs. So thanks Ain, for giving me a beautiful cube.

And also not forgetting the beautiful gifts that come along with the cube. Ain gave me a crochet mag (cantik),a cording, a sweet lace and a pretty tote bag. And the tote bag is hmmmmm..... cantik. I think i know how Dania's bebe felt when she received her's from Ain, too.

Ain, thank u once again.

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