Saturday, July 28, 2007

My BME have arrived.....

Had 2 surprises yesterday.
1st, at 5.45pm a postmen came by, as usual horn and horn. Surprise cos' didn't expect to see any postman after 4.30pm.

2nd, he brought me my mail, i.e my surprised BME. Have been wondering who my partner is and well, yesterday, i got the answer.

To Da,Thank u very much. I'm loving it.

The book mark is beautiful. Also i received extra goodies, her own hand dyed threads and a cute strawberry(nearly got kidnap but manage to get it back for photo session)

Beautiful, beautiful. Once again Thanks Da.

Psst: Da, your back is neat & beautifully done. also very oriental. Sorry guys, terlupa nak snap the back.

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