Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hardanger! Hardanger!

Tis is a picture of my uncomplete/uncut hardanger.

Have always wanted to learn to do hardanger. After receiving my 1st hardanger sachet(thanks to Ros) & encouragement from friends, i decided to give it a try. Not only it is my 1st time doing hardanger, but also my 1st try stitching on linen. (agreed, nice stitching on linen) But now after completing the piece, i have to start cutting. uwaaaaaaaaaaa! Doing my practice, have actually cut of the Perle thread several times. So have to be very careful, as not to spoil the whole piece of work.

Will update again, once i have cut the threads and complete it to an ornament.

If no update, means i have cut the wrong threads. ha!ha!ha

1 comment:

fds said...

yes yes. nice. tak sabar nak tengok bila dah potong and weave nicely. sure bolehhhhh