Monday, February 25, 2008

Tatting Fever

Yippee! I can tat. Basic only la.

Thanks Dania and Ain for helping me out.

I am trying out the pattern done by Ain. Will update again when completed. When? Tungguuuuuuuu.........


Tatman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Welcome to the wonderful art of Tatting! I can tell you already are enjoying it immensely. Hope to see more of your beautiful work. Watch is addictive!

fds said...

They are addicted, cant sleep, cant eat, world cup thingy. ewww thats not addicted, thats something like FALLING in LOVE. hahahaha

anyway sis congratulation. proud of you. Im sooo happy that u did not give away your shuttle. I know u have it for quite sometime kan.

tanya ah pek la kalau dia ada jual benang DMC CORDONNET SPECIAL. sedap sikit tat dengan benang tu.

Reen said...

Thanks Mr.Tatman for dropping by my blog. yes, i am addicted already.

Reen said...

Dania, thanks to you. yeap, da about a year, i have kept all tis thingy. Nearly gave up kan. But always remembered my DH words, Never give up til u really really try.

Ah pek tak jual la. Kena mintak tolong la.